Dance, Math, Jazz and Time Travel


Time: September 28, 2018 Shows at 7:00pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm
Location: Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta
Event Type: Dance, Main Event, Performing Arts, Theatre

The Event

Age Suitability: All ages

A time bending play and science dance are coming to Pjazza Theatru Rjal! Programme and details below:

6:30pm Rexo Cleans up the Universe (science theatre)

7pm Jazzing the Golden Ratio (by Diccon Cooper and Prof. Cristiana Sebu)

8pm Zero to Ten (by German dancer Margit Kuffemann)

8.30pm Jazzing the Golden Ratio (by Diccon Cooper and Prof. Cristiana Sebu)

9.30pm Zero to Ten (by German dancer Margit Kuffemann)

10pm Jazzing the Golden Ratio (by Diccon Cooper and Prof. Cristiana Sebu)


Rexo Cleans up the Universe
It is the year 9999 and humankind is in danger! The Galactrons are invading our galaxy and our only hope is to send Jeffrey Smartbux, the famous interplanetary super-spy, back in time to the year 2018 to prevent all this from ever happening. Unfortunately owing to a technical error, his brother Rexo, the idiotic janitor at the science facility, is sent instead. Will Rexo and his trusty plunger succeed in cleaning up the galaxy?

“Rexo Cleans up the Universe” is an original play, written and performed by Year 8 students from St. Nicholas College Middle School Rabat. This performance was created during ‘Science Theatre’, an intensive collaboration between the school and professionals form the More or Less Theatre Company. This project, which happened throughout the scholastic year 2017–2018. The aim of ‘Science Theatre’ was to introduce students to the Performing Arts while they learn about a science topic.


Jazzing up the Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio is a special number that shows up in the most unexpected places. Everywhere we turn it appears in nature, art, and cities. Architects use it to make beautiful buildings and spaces. Painters use it to compose their artworks. Astronomers use it to figure out how far away galaxies are. Nature uses it in the patterns of ferns and to create the shells of now extinct ammonites.

This concert-lecture will use jazz with the Golden Ratio. Prof. Cristiana Sebu  and musician Diccon Cooper will explore its connection to the Fibonacci Numbers and how it can be applied to music. While including it in their music performance they will show just what makes it so appealing for artists from Da Vinci to Dali. They have created a collaborative musical composition based upon the rules of the Golden Ratio to create a new work of perfectly-proportioned art—not to be missed!

Musicians: Diccon Cooper

Scientists: Prof. Cristiana Sebu (Faculty of Science, University of Malta)

Zero to Ten

A story told through the medium of dance about how numbers reshaped our world. This interdisciplinary dance project by German dancer Margit Kuffemann came about through the unlikely collaboration of a dancer with a computer scientist!

Counting comes to us so naturally, we see it as product of culture. They are all around us and have been for millions of years, as they enabled ancient cultures to develop mathematics and Binary numbers changed our world, culture, society and communication.

This fascinating and insightful performance will show how numbers and geometrical forms not only enable all kinds of technologies, but that they also change our minds.

Watch as numbers and geometrical forms come alive in an innovative dance performance using elements of the classical Indian dance art of Bharatanatyam with a contemporary approach creating a cultural cross-over between East and West.

The Science Theatre project is made possible thanks to the hard-working pupils of Rabat Middle School St. Nicholas College, Malta & More or Less Theatre, with support from STEAM Summer School, an ERASMUS+ EU funded project, Creations Project, an H2020 funded project, Kreattiv fund of the Arts Council Malta and ScienceView who run Learning Science Through Theatre, Greece (who came up with the idea, which we adapted to Malta).

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