Valletta 2018 Foundation Arts

Valletta 2018 Foundation Arts call for proposals to participate in Science in the City, 2018


In 2018 Science in the City will collaborate with the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Valletta 2018 Foundation. Two artists (or two groups of artists) are invited to participate in the 2018 edition from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, as well as one artist (or one group of artists) from the University of Malta. The project is supported by Valletta 2018. The 2018 theme is Science is Culture and by that, we mean how science has become a part of our culture, also how today’s research might change and shape our cultural and social life—think big. (Proposals and participation outside this theme will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch before submission).

Science in the City, European Researchers’ Night, has established itself as one of Malta’s largest national Festivals and Malta’s only science and arts events. With over 24,000 visitors last year alone, it is fast becoming a fantastic opportunity for scientists and artists to collaborate and get creative. We are a platform for art installations, exhibitions, music, theatre and the performing arts, which engage the public with research. We’re looking forward to your participation.

The chosen artists from the University of Applied Arts Vienna will be supported with flight costs, accommodation and any relevant material costs up to €3.000 (including V.A.T.), as well as an artist fee of €2,000 (including V.A.T.). For the project proposal, artists have to consider a calculation for a production budget of €3,000 (including V.A.T.). The budget has to cover all costs including flights and accommodation for up to 14 days (depending on the project), insurance and transport costs and all materials needed for production. For Malta-based artists, the cost of the total project should not exceed €5,000 in total (including V.A.T., the above costs but without flight and accommodation).

The chosen artists need to collaborate with scientists and researchers from Malta and will be mentored by their departments. All works produced for and exhibited at the festival remain in possession of the artists. After the festival exhibition, the artworks will be displayed at Notte Bianca and the University of Malta (at no extra cost). There may be the possibility to exhibit in Vienna also. Afterwards, the artworks would need to be stored or dismantled and shipped to where the artist wants at their own expense.

The chosen artists shall be required to sign an agreement that would cater for the above terms and conditions as well as any other terms and conditions relating to their participation in this initiative.

Important Dates

Information session in Malta to be announced.

Deadline for proposal submission is 23:59 5th March 2018. Applicants will be notified by the 19th March 2018.

The Science in the City festival is planned to take place on the night of the 28th September, 2018. Exhibits should stay in place till at least 6th October for the Notte Bianca 2018 festival.

The artworks will also be displayed at the University of Malta afterwards in a temporary exhibition.


Project Proposals

In 2018, Science in the City will focus most of its activities on the theme Science is Culture. We want to use various art forms to explain scientific research projects which will affect each one of us. New emerging technologies in transport, communication, food, the internet of things, virtual reality, biocides, climate change, energy and so on. Understanding the ongoing research by networking with scientists will allow artists to peep into the future and formulate their own idea of how society will be affected.

On the 28th September 2018, Valletta will be transformed into a space celebrating research.

We are interested in performances and art installations that are interactive, captivate the citizens’ imagination and challenge their perspectives on science. We are also on the lookout for creative ways for researchers and students to engage the public with research through innovative demonstrations, workshops, busking, quizzes, competitions, treasure hunts, tours, and possibly more. This call is specifically for mixed media art installations but can include the above elements.


The 2018 theme is Science is Culture. The theme relates to how science has become a part of our culture, also how today’s research might change and shape our cultural and social life. The artworks must involve University of Malta researchers and engage with their work. University of Malta research can be accessed on the Think magazine website ( or on the departments individual webpages (

We are broadly defining culture as follows:

  1. the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.
  2. the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group.
  3. the attitudes and behavioral characteristics of a particular social group.

Our Theme

This year we are incorporating the four main priorities from 2015-18 Work Plan for Culture, adopted by the EU Culture Ministers in 2014, with the scope of showcasing the role of science in shaping our culture, i.e. Science is Culture:
  1. Accessible and inclusive culture
    Topics around family, health, money, and eating, with a local context.
    The exploration of the Maltese public identity, public concerns, and the Maltese political environment.

2.    Cultural heritage
How do both science and culture explore the unknown?

3.    Cultural and creative sectors: creative economy and innovation
How has the geography of the Maltese Islands shaped the research conducted?
How has science affected our way of life?
Research concerning the social sciences, behavioural science, and history of science.

4.    Promotion of cultural diversity, culture in EU external relations, and mobility
The science behind Maltese and other cultures.
Citizen science projects.


Specific thematic areas

In addition to the broad areas mentioned in the ‘Our theme’ section, below are some of the University of Malta research topics that are the focus of this fund. These are tied to specific academics, please get in touch well in advance of the application deadline:

  1. What encourages good environmental behaviour in Maltese business and households? (Subject: behavioural economics)
  2. Novel ways to produce “artificial muscles”, which mimic the vast range of functions of natural muscles, ranging from the very fine and precise movements to the ability to hold relatively large loads. (Subject: Metamaterials).
  3. How new compounds can help treat people with degenerative diseases of the brain, like Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD).


Who can apply?

This call is open to official Master students, Alumni as well as PhD students from the Departments Art & Science, University of Applied Arts Vienna and all Masters, PhD students and alumni of the University of Malta.

It focuses on the production of an artistic project which has innovation, interactivity, quality and the creative communication of a scientific research concept from the Science in Culture theme, through the arts. This call encourages projects which are experimental, innovative, interactive and those which attract new, as well as established audiences to the Science and Arts Festival.

Getting in touch

If you are interested in further details or have questions please get in touch.

Send in your Application (attached as Annex 1), CV, covering letter, and portfolio (if applicable) to: by midnight 5th March 2018.

For more information contact:
Nemanja Popadic,, +43 688 64904298
Edward Duca (; Mob: 9923 9974)
Karen Fiorini (; Mob: 9986 8348)
Angele Galea (; Mob: 9942 5238)

For more information about the festival and previous programmes, please check:


Networking & Information session

If you have a good idea but are not sure who to collaborate with, the SITC consortium is organising a Networking & Info session. Date and location to be confirmed later. Please email or follow us on Facebook.

You can also come to the session to learn more about the festival, ask us questions directly or submit an appeal to collaborate with others even if you don’t have an idea.



Applications can be downloaded here.   |    Download Word Doc 


Aims of the festival

1. To show how science is part of everyday life and that researchers are human beings with an extraordinary job. Researchers in Malta are having a positive effect on daily life.

2. Science can be fun, interesting and exciting, and can lead to a rewarding career for both genders

3. To develop art inspired by a scientific concept or idea, especially local science. Researchers should be consulted, preferably having an active role in the project. The consortium will help with contacts and networking. For networking please attend our info session on: the 18th January at University or contact us directly.

4. To develop interactive art which engages with the public.

5. Located in Valletta, preferably in the streets and buildings between City Gate/St James Cavalier and St George’s square.


Selection Criteria

  • Scientific value: the extent to which the artwork is well grounded in or inspired by science Scientists must be involved in the proposal;
  • Innovation and creativity: must involve a novel concept and a creative way of engaging the audience and communicating the concept;
  • External sources of funding: preference will be given to those applicants who have sought other sources of funding to compliment the Science in the City fund;
  • Cost: how cost-effective is the proposal? Are costs complete? Are quotes provided? Administrative costs will not be covered by the fund;
  • Reach: how many people will the artwork be able to engage with?
  • Engagement: Is the artwork interactive?


Values of Science in the City
Science, art, creativity, technology, education, entertainment, quality and excellence, interactive, engagement with the people.

Target audiences

Children, teenagers, families, adults, pensioners.


Located in Valletta, preferably in the streets and buildings between City Gate/St James Cavalier and St George’s square.

Science in the City—European Researchers’ Night, Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation, Level 3, Dar Ġuzeppi Zahra,

University of Malta, MSD 2080  –   (+356) 2340 2451.  –   (+356) 9923 9974