Science at Spazju Kreattiv

Age 4+

The Centre (Spazju Kreattiv) will hold fun activities for kids and young teens. The cinema room will host two puppet shows (Ages 7+). Inside Out 6pm and 8pm, and Marie Curie at 7pm. In the studio room, children (4+) can join the Kids Dig Science—Science and Art workshops specially themed on how our brains sense the world around us.

6pm – 9pm, Cinema & Studio A, St James Cavalier

Science at Spazju Kreattiv

Age 12+

Acclaimed group Teatru Anon will be performing I’m Still Here, one woman’s battle with a life threatening condition. Part of the Science Theatre: Dementia series.

I’m still here, 6.30, 8, 9.30pm, Theatre Room, St James Cavalier, 30 Sep

Il-Masġar tal-Allat Siekta, 7.30pm, St James Cavalier, 2 Oct
CineXjenza — Cinema meets Science (on Alzheimer’s)
9pm — Still Alice (film)

10.45pm — Discussion with Prof. Charles Scerri
9–12pm, Cinema Room, St James Cavalier

Malta Café Scientifique
7.30–8.30 Machine Learning Xinhu?
8.30–9.30 Brain Oscillations in Epilepsy
9.30–10.45 Fresh Water Mediterranean

7.30–10.45pm, Music Room, St James Cavalier

Science in the house

Age 12+

An exciting media exhibition of University of Malta research, ‘invest in research today for the future grown and prosperity of our society’.

6pm – 10pm, Parliament Building, City Gate

Science Fair + Meet the Researcher

All Ages

City Gate will be bursting with spectacular science: Revving racecars and rowing machines, mobile dental clinic (RIDT + MADS), Health + Rare Disease area (National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support Malta, Malta Biobank, Ministry of Health), Looking inside the earth, MCAST and IASSO labs, Coca-Cola’s barcode authentication technology, WasteServ + Brain Game and an Interactive brain area. Plus a revamped Meet the Researcher, come have a chat with the real deal.

6pm – 12pm, City Gate to Ordinance Street

Highly Recommended

EU Corner

Age 12+

Come visit the EU corner and explore demonstrations and games celebrating science, Nobel winner Marie Sklodowska-Curie, and the EU (by MEUSAC).

6pm – 12am, City Gate

Anthropomorphic Sculptures

All Ages

Four anthropomorphic sculptures displaying the evolution of the nervous system by Liliana Fleri Soler.

6pm – 12am, City Gate Entrance

Trust Me

All Ages

Testing our limits and balance by performing blinded on an elevated platform, a Moveo Dance Company production.

6pm – 11pm, City GateHighly Recommended

Funk Initiative: Cartographers

Age 12+

Experimental performance of Funk Initiative’s debut album, Cartographers, inspired by insights into the human mind by prominent neurologists, psychoanalysts, poets and artists. Meet Gianluca Bezzina, Paul Torpiano, Shaun Abdilla, Christopher Tate, Luke Grech, Fabian Bonello, Daniel Buttigieg in between shows at Meet the Researcher (3a).

8pm — First show
8.45pm — Meet the Scientist Session (3a area)
9.45pm — Second Show

8pm — 10.45pm Pjazza Teatru Rjal
Headline act!

Research my NGO + MCST & NSTF

All Ages

An area where you can see how brain food can be fair (Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust, il-Ħanut l-Arka), Lichen It (Fingerprints), Shark Bite (Sharklab-Malta), Insect exhibition (Entomological Society of Malta), Science fiction exhibition (Creative Writers’ Alliance Malta), and even take home your own plant (Nature Trust Malta)—plus an NSTF Interactive Exhibition and MCST science busking area.

6pm – 12am, Between Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Parliament Building & Spazju Kreattiv

Highly Recommended

Breathing life into artefacts

All Ages

Talks by Malta’s leading archaeologists, an experiment area, and exhibits from the Neolithic period (5000 BC) to the Phoenician Period (400 BC) will be open to explore.

6pm – 12am, last admission 11pm, National Museum of Archaeology

Discover Malta seabirds’ secrets

Age 12+

Malta’s cliffs have dozens of seabirds nesting in them. Technology helps us observe their secretive lives. Come and see, by Birdlife Malta.

6pm – 12am, Corner with St John Street

STEAM Street

All Ages

Republic Street is being taken over by student buskers: students from commerce, psychology, medicine, ICT, engineering and health science students. With over 20 stands in Valletta full of brain scans, experiments, health checks and a pico-satelitte. Student organisations taking part: S-Cubed, ASCS, UESA, IEEE, ICTSA, MMSA, MHSA, Betapsi (plus the DTEAM educators)—try them for yourself!

6pm – 12am, all along Republic Street

Apothecaries to Breakthrough Science

All Ages

The pharmacist from the historical Apothecary role to the cutting edge scientist and health care professional of today by Kamra tal-Ispiżjara ta’ Malta and MPSA.

6pm – 11pm, next to Royal Pharmacy, Republic Street

Science Stage: Money, Forces, Explosions

All Ages

6.30pm — Till no cash does us part
7pm — Explosive Laughter
8pm — Till no cash does us part
8.15pm — Playing with Forces
10pm — Till no cash does us part

Prepared by ASCS, S-Cubed, and the Faculty of Science (Uni of Malta).
6.30pm – 10.30pm, Outside the law Courts

Mind Games

All Ages

Our brains curiously shape vision, sound and language to negotiate our daily environment. Interactive games and a visual arts installation will explore some of our senses.

6pm – 12am, Pjazza Regina

Science Debates

Age 15+

7pm — IVF: What are the facts?
8pm — Euthanasia: An enemy or ally?
9pm — Organ donation: The science and ethics
10pm — Overcoming mental illness

Run by student organisations GħSL and INSITE.
7pm – 11pm, National Library, behind Pjazza Regina

Brain Square

All Ages

The heart of Valletta will be transformed by some stunning artworks and exhibitions. They include a Kummettiva dance performance fuses traditional Maltese dance with Alzheimer’s disease (Paul Curmi dance company), Brainrave: control music and visuals with your brain (Andrew Schembri & Toni Gialanzé), an evolution of psychiatry exhibition (Mount Carmel Hospital), and come have a chat (Malta Association of Psychiatric Nurses). On stage Dorian Cassar hosts a brain show: talks by world leading neuroscientists and neurosurgeons, with themed music:

7.15pm — Alzheimer’s and the Mediterranean Diet by Dr Neville Vassallo
7.45 pm — Stroke and our 3D brain by Prof. Mario Valentino and Dr Christian Zammit
8.30 pm — ‘Meta l-Mohh jitlef hinu’ by Dr Charles Scerri
9.15 pm — Fortuneteller Brain by Prof. Ludvic Zrinzo
10.15 pm — From Marijuana to Depression by Prof. Giuseppe De Giovanni

6pm – 12am, St George’s Square
Prepare to blow your mind!

Brain Square

All Ages

Art exhibition by Richmond Foundation members. Cortex art installation by Raphael Vella inspired by neuroscience and scientific comparative studies of different mammalian brains.

6pm – 12am, Grandmaster’s Palace, St george’s Sq

CERN, ALICE & the Universe

All Ages

Join us for a live interactive video stream with scientists at CERN, the Large Hadron Collider with local researchers bringing their collaborations. Come have a chat.

6pm — The CERN Control Center
7pm — How do you operate mankind’s largest scientific instrument?
8pm — The CERN Data Center
9pm — ALICE experiment
10pm — Malta meets ALICE

6pm – 11pm, Casino Maltese

Stand Up meets Science

Age 18+

Malcolm Galea hosts Malta’s best comedians for some science themed stand up comedy.

10pm till late, The Pub, Archbishop Street

(In) Visible + Under the Stars

All Ages

Come and be immersed in darkness through a journey of your own sensory experiences, an experimental performance by USPA. The roof of the venue will host an astronomy night to see the stars and planets above Valletta by Y4TE. Supported by the Malta Postal Museum.

6.30pm – 11pm, Malta Postal Museum, Archbishop Street