STEAM Squared


Time: September 29, 2017 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: St George's Square, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Exhibition, Experiment, Performing Arts

The Event

Age Suitability: All ages (unless specified otherwise)

University student buskers are using St George’s square to create STEAM Squared. Students from art, commerce, psychology, philosophy, medicine, linguistics, engineering, dentistry and health science students with DTEAM educators will grace the historic venue with experiments, exhibitions and fun, fun, fun.

ALLT (Association of Linguistics and Language) has three demonstrations combining technology with language. Let technology tell you how to draw a picture which it can then use to make more accurate guesses – learning! They will also explain how any language on Earth, from Russian to Mandarin Chinese, can be broken down (by studying it) in the same way. You will even be able to chat with a ‘chatbot’ (a computer program),

Check out the ASCS (Association of Students of Commercial Studies) stand and get hands-on experience when it comes to investment, planning ahead and making the best use of your money. Join in on this educational experience on commerce and immerse yourself in some surprising interactive games. Another game set to take place on the night is a photohunt by SIERA (Social Science Students’ Integrative, Educational and Research Association). Come and join in on the fun!

Betapsi Malta will be back at Science in the City this year, looking at how psychology will affect us in the future. Have a look at your life from a different perspective with their interactive ideas. Would you let an incident happen without lifting a finger? Is there behaviour and morality which stands true across all races and cultures and religions? Look deep into human nature with artwork and literature about human health and explanation of human behaviour.

DTEAM (Design and Technology Educators Association Malta) and will be living testaments that technology is the future, each with their demonstration of programming. With DTEAM, you will even see it applied to robotics!

Discuss to your heart’s content with ELSA (European Law Students Association) Malta, who will be having an interactive stand (for adults) bringing up issues which are hot topics at the moment (legislatively speaking, of course). The topics will range from the legalisation of surrogacy and marijuana, to human rights and safeguarding the environment, brought to you through fun activities.

Also dealing with the environment are ESA (Earth Sciences Association). With our world hurtling to a future where the environment is degenerating, they show us some ways to help the planet, through water and ecosystem conservation as well as renewable resources, with fun interactive exhibitions and games. Speaking of natural disasters, SPS (Students’ Philosophy Society) in their exploration of floods from a human and scientific point of view.

Rather than only looking at the future, HoASA (History of Art Students Association) and MUHS (Malta University Historical Society) are turning our gaze to the past. HoASA will be merging science with conservation through a quiz, along with a puzzle of a work of art you will probably recognise. MUHS will have an interactive and fun timeline, taking you from the invention of the wheel to the invention of modern cars and beyond.

The IEEE Malta Student Branch at the University of Malta, in collaboration with the Department of Systems and Control Engineering at the same University, and Transport Malta will showcase what is being done to help ease one of Malta’s biggest problems: traffic, with traffic light controllers that are smart and can adapt to (finally!) reduce traffic and make our roads more efficient. On the same topic, KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) will bring the topic of commuting, and how this will be done in the future.

S-Cubed (Science Students Society) will be bringing the fun of multiple aspects of science all into one place! From DNA extractions, to fun with puzzles and probabilities, to creating colours and reactions that will leave you in awe, S-Cubed is giving everyone the opportunity to witness and participate in the wonders that science has to offer.

How do some ‘facts’ get blown out of proportion and why do people run off with these misconceptions? Even when the lies are exposed for what they are, the world continues to believe them, regardless of what further research finds. What role does the media play in all of this? Join the Yuppie in an examination of the effect that the media has on research and technology.

Time to put the U in UESA (University Engineering Students Association) and immerse yourself in the exciting interactive experiments and test your problem solving skills, or learn about a few projects currently taking place at our University. Two of these projects are PocketQube pico-satellite and MEMENTO. The PocketQube pico-satellite is a small device – it is truly tiny, at only 5x5x5cm. This will be used for Malta’s first space mission, to check the equipment used to study earth’s upper atmosphere (the ionosphere). They will also be showcasing MEMENTO (Multi camEra high fraMe ratE syNchronisaTiOn), a product that synchronizes coupled cameras working at thousands, or even millions of frames per second.

Activities, experiments, games and more! This is what the MADS (Malta Association of Dental Students) will be bringing, along with advice on how to take care of you oral health. Does a healthy mouth reflect a healthy body? Join them to find out. They will also be joined by the mobile dental clinic (Faculty of Dental Surgery and RIDT – Research Innovation and Development Trust) which does exactly that – offering services any dental clinic would but on the street!

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