Time: September 28, 2018 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: St George's Square, Republic Street, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Exhibition, Experiment, Performing Arts

The Event


Age Suitability: All Ages

Students from the University of Malta and the University of Vienna will be taking over St George’s Square with experiments, games, and quizzes and interactive art installations.

Organisations involved: ALLT, ASCS, BetaPsi, CSA, ELSA, ESA, IEEE, KSU, MADS, Medical Biochemistry students, MHSA, MMSA, MPSA, S-Cubed, UESA and the University of Vienna.

Here is what some of these organisations will be bringing on the night!

ALLT (Association of Linguistics and Language Technology) will be hosting 3 activities relating to language and technology; Let technology tell you how to draw a picture which it can then use to make more accurate guesses, talk to a computer program and learn more about local dialects and what makes them different and unique!

Check out the ASCS (Association of Students of Commercial Studies) stand and get hands-on experience when it comes to marketing, investment and making the best use of your money. What happens when a company slogan is lost in translation? How important can a logo be for a company? And what does one gesture mean in different cultures? All of this and much more will be answered on the night.

BetaPsi will be bringing you everything psychology-related, from fun facts to VR and photography! Check out some fun facts about your brain and the way you process the world around you, or try out the VR system and give our moral questions a shot. Who will you pick? What influences your decisions? Find out more about this at the BetaPsi stand.

CSA (Criminology Students Association) and ELSA (European Law Students Association) will be talking about everything forensics, from forensic law to fingerprints and crime scene investigation. Join them as they investigate the suspects and figure out the clues to the mystery. Will you be able to figure this one out?

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) will be showcasing how liquids behave in the presence of sound waves. Making liquids dance and water levitate might sound impossible but at the end of the day, science is just like magic that we can understand and explain.

Join KSU (Kunsill Studenti Universitarji) on their mission to make Malta greener! Compete to see how far you can cycle in 3 minutes or donate your bottle caps to KSU and help raise funds for L-Istrina. What will your contribution be?

MADS (Malta Association of Dental Students) will be explaining all about oral health and hygiene along with the Faculty of Dental Surgery who will be bringing along their mobile dental clinic to provide services that any dental clinic would, but out on the street!

MMSA (Malta Medical Students Association) will be delving into the relationship between culture, diets, sports and health. The students will be performing interactive experiments, games and much more. Come join the fun at their stand whilst keeping active!

Investigate the science of antibiotics with MPSA (Malta Pharmacy Students Association) and delve into how antibiotics work, what antibiotic resistance is and what we can do to prevent it. Come and play our game, let us know your concerns, the dialogue on bacteria never ends.

S-Cubed (Science Student Society) will be back with a bang for yet another year! From DNA to anatomy, chemicals, colours and numbers, there’s something for everyone. Get your hands on some experiments and experience all the wonders that science has to offer.

Time to put the U in UESA (University Engineering Students Association). Test your skills and build an electric component or guess which car will win the race by using your knowledge of physics! Play around with robots and witness how objects are plated in copper and gold. Take some time to talk to our researchers from the Faculty of Engineering, they’re always up for a chat!

St Georges Square will also be home to one of our Valletta 2018 installations, Reframing Carbon. An installation by Daniela Brill and Guadalupe Aldrete who follow human history. This showcase of three relevant periods: the past, the present and the future, work to interconnect the sources of research on this journey of carbon from an archaeological, morphological and ecological perspective. You will be able to trigger this journey by using the weight of your body to activate this art piece — at the Triton Fountain. University of Malta researchers involved: Dr Ing. John Betts, Dr Catriona Brogan and Rowan McLaughlin (Department of Classics and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts).

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