Science @ Spazju Kreattiv


Time: May 24, 2019 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Pope Pius V Street, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Experiment, Performing Arts, Talk & Discussion

The Event

Science @ Spazju Kreattiv

Age Suitability: all ages

Puppet shows and interactive science and arts talks at Spazju Kreattiv

Kids Dig Science (Theatre): 6 pm-10 pm 

Kids Dig Science @ Spazju Kreattiv is a concept thought up by the Science in the City team at the Malta Chamber of Scientists. Sean Briffa, our puppeteer will once again cut electricity down to size for children of all ages. This activity was conceived to inspire curious little minds, to ignite their passions and foster creativity. If you’re looking for a way to inspire your children, Kids Dig Science is a must.

The Kids Dig Science workshops will be held in the Atrium. Here the children will be able to better understand all about electricity through a series of hands-on games, experiments and fun activities.

Malta Cafe Sci (Cinema Room) 7 pm – 10:30 pm

Age Suitability: 13+

Malta Cafe Scientifique will be hosting science and arts talks of around 25 minutes each.

Magna Żmien: Preserving Maltese Memories by Andrew Alamango and Andrew Pace  (7.00pm–8.10pm)
Behind the Scenes, Where Science Meets the Arts by Dr Vanessa Camilleri and Nemanja Popadic (8.15pm–9.15pm)
Break a leg! Dr Malcolm Caligari Conti (9.30pm–10.30pm)

Andrew Alamango and Andrew Pace, who together coordinate the Valletta 2018 project “Magna Żmien”, will deliver a talk about historic audiovisual recording technology used in Malta and explore some of the material that has been collected from citizens and digitised in Magna Żmien’s studio.

Dr Vanessa Camilleri will then talk about her work on virtual and augmented reality on a Valletta 2018 project in collaboration with the University of Malta and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. This discussion will be complimented by a chat with Vienna’s project manager Nemanja Popadic who will talk about the Viennesse artist’s work.

The last talk will be hosted by Dr Malcolm Caligari Conti who will talk about his research on a new exciting material that can be used in case of a broken a bone or two. This material is capable of degrading inside the body, as you heal, so that after a couple of years, it won’t even be detected by an x-ray machine.

All the talks will be followed by a short discussion and the people will have the opportunity to ask questions in an informal manner, and check out their interactive stands outside of Spazju Kreattiv before or after the talks. Be sure to check out our talks in the Cinema Room at St James Cavalier, Spazju Kreattiv during this year’s Science and the City!

For more events at Spazju Kreattiv see our event – Get your Act Together here 

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