Talking Science


Time: September 28, 2018 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm
Location: Palazzo Ferriera, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Talk & Discussion

The Event

Talking Science

Age Suitability: 14+

Science means progress. Progress saves lives or destroys them—efficiently. At the festival we want people to discuss controversial topics in science and technology, to come to a common understanding, but is this possible? Come along and have your say! Schedule:

7:15 pm The Blockchain Phenomenon by GHSL
8:15 pm Biohacking our way into the future by Siera
9:15 pm Gender reassignment – Shattering a Taboo by GHSL
10:15 pm Modern Terrorism and Technology by GHSL

The Blockchain Phenomenon As a constantly evolving mechanism, technology has managed to integrate into the professional and personal lives of society at large. Blockchain, which is regarded by many as having the same revolutionary force as the Internet, is the new technological phenomenon which has taken Malta by storm. The uses and future of Blockchain in Malta, especially in the light of the very recently enacted legislation by the Maltese parliament, will be discussed during this debate.

Biohacking our way into the Future If your self-confidence has taken a nose-dive because of the blemishes on your skin or are looking to convert fat into muscle, dream of running faster or having sparkly white teeth, are intent on living a very long life with disease and all with the simple prick of a needle, well science is here to help. Thanks to a new gene editing technology, CRISPR your dreams and aspirations may soon be a reality. The catch? Well, the ethical dilemma is a pretty big issue. Designer babies, super-soldiers, genetically modified animals, food, etc.. Join SIERA in their engaging debate at Science in the City to discuss biohacking and share your views on the implications of this technology.

Gender Reassignment – Shattering a Taboo Despite the legislative progress Malta has made in the sphere of LGBTQI rights, many still regard Gender Reassignment as a taboo. Legal and psychological implications are linked to the concept of reassigning one’s gender but unfortunately are not often discussed. This debate, through speakers from the medical and legal field, will be tackling precisely these implications while also delving into the personal experience one undergoes in Gender Reassignment.

Modern Terrorism and Technological Has technology made it easier to commit a terrorist attack? Can access to advanced weaponry be deemed as the cause of the terrorist attacks that have plagued the world in recent years? What is the effect of radicalisation in today’s world? These are issues which will be discussed during this debate where we shall see that perhaps the answer to these questions is not a straightforward one at all.

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