Race Against Time


Time: September 29, 2017 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: De Valette Square
Event Type: All night, Exhibition, Experiment

The Event

Age Suitability: All ages

From birds and turtles to tropical fruit and climate migration, this action packed area explores the diversity of Malta’s NGOs against the backdrop of student built racing cars.

Science informs many areas of life, and we have invited some of Malta’s NGOs to explain the science behind their core mission. From helping birds and turtles, touching on migration due to climate, fair trade foods and racing cars, this area is a must see at Science in the City.

BirdLife Malta demonstrates how technology is used to track and monitor wild bird species and take steps towards their conservation. Did you know that birds can now be satellite-tagged to show their flight routes during migration, or even be observed during the darkest of nights with thermal cameras? Find out more at their stand, including details of an annual study known as ‘bird ringing’ that provides even more data about the local bird population.

On a similar theme, Nature Trust Malta will provide information about the conservation of turtles in Malta. Volunteers from the Wildlife Rescue Team can give an insight into their daily work and the impact of marine debris. A separate botany section will feature several local plants and a small USB microscope to explore them in more detail.

If the marine debris turtles are facing hasn’t convinced you of the scale of the problem, student organisation turned NGO Y4TE will bring a sample of sand from Golden Bay and let you find out how clean it is. They will also demonstrate the ecological impact of a number of household products and explain how you can do things differently, making your own products or reusing others. Finally, their associates from Let’s Do It Malta will provide some data from their National Cleanup and give you an idea of how extreme the problem is.

The focus of Kopin is on climate change and the migration related to it. Short games will ask players to imagine themselves in the footsteps of a fleeing person, or to identify the effects of climate change. In addition, several of Kopin’s projects will be presented, including the construction of a biogas digester in Ethiopia and a book presentation of “Never Arrive”, the autobiographical story of a young refugee.

Our final NGO is KKG, a fair trade cooperative that also manages the L-Arka Fairtrade Shop. More interactive games will round off the area, dealing with the sourcing of tropical fruit as well as worker’s conditions or the use of pesticides. Maybe you should prepare for this one, as there are prizes to be won …

Joining the NGOs will be UoM Racing, a student based organisation whose aim is to design, build and eventually race a formula-style car in a highly anticipated competition alongside other top universities worldwide. The team has been competing since 2014 and is constantly growing and improving, with their newest car placing 27th in a field of more than 80 participants. Check out how their cars have evolved over time to round off your visit to de Vallette Square.

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