Malta Café Scientifique


Time: September 29, 2017 7:00PM-10:30PM
Event Type: 07:00pm, Performing Arts, Talk & Discussion

The Event

Malta Café Sci (Cinema Room) 13+

7.00 – 8.00pm Chicken and Egg

8.00 – 9.00pm Tremors

9.00 – 10.00pm Tuning into Space


A Science in the City festival favourite, Highlights of Malta Café Scientifique will once again grace Spazju Kreattiv. The best three 25 minute talks have been selected from the diverse programme of this year’s Café Sci. We will be starting with philosophy at 7pm with Dr Stefano Gualeni – who may be able to unravel the mystery of the age old dilemma – which came first, the chicken or the egg? At 8pm Dr Sebastiano D’Amico will chat about the science of earthquakes, are they a real threat to Malta? Exploring space at 9pm with Drs Alessio Magro and Andrea DeMarco, who will explain all about the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), the largest radio telescope on earth and how it will revolutionize our understanding of the cosmos. Discover how ISSA are developing the software and the impact SKA will have once completed. Will it hold the key to understanding the origins of the universe? Each talk will be followed by a short discussion where you will have the opportunity to discuss matters with these experts in a relaxed and informal manner. Be sure to check the talks out during this year’s Science and the City!

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