Health Area


Time: September 28, 2018 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: Ordinance Street, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Demos, Exhibition, Experiment

The Event

Head down to Ordinance Street to explore this year’s Health and Rare Diseases area. Overflowing with interactive games, hands on activities and people willing to share their stories and research. Make your own genome bracelet, fold some DNA origami or play with giant cuddly microbes, all while learning something new. Our experienced and friendly volunteers will teach and inspire you and you’ll fail to leave without a smile on your face. Laughter is the best medicine!

The National Alliance for Rare Diseases is a voluntary non-profit organisation which brings together patients and their relatives, researchers, medical professionals and other organisations representing specific conditions. At the festival you’ll get chance to interact with Alliance members and ask questions about their work rooted in improving the quality of life for all rare disease patients and their families by educating society, raising public and political awareness, encouraging and promoting research, promoting fundamental human rights and social inclusion.

Discover how to put someone to sleep under the expert guidance of The Association of Anaesthesiologists of Malta. Learn how to perform airway checks which could potentially save lives and try your hand at resuscitating a manikin.

Covering a huge range of topics, the Malta College of Pathologists have activities for everyone at their stand this year. Giant cuddly toy microbes to play with, DNA sequence bracelets to make, and loads of interesting slides to look at under the microscope. Get involved in their interactive games where you’ll learn about blood transfusions, cell and organelle functions, and genetic inheritance of minions!
See sounds waves, listen to changing frequencies, feel the vibrations.

The Maltese Association of Audiologists are raising awareness of the potential dangers of noise. Find out about the latest technology in hearing aids, receive a free hearing screening, and test out ear plugs to see how effective they are.

Play BioBank Malta’s new custom made computer game to discover more about the University of Malta’s bioinformatics research into Rare Blood Diseases and the Genetic Ancestry of the Maltese population.

Contributions from a variety of researchers from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Mater Dei Hospital will also on display. Prof. Joseph Borg will showcase the Malta Human Genome Project and there will be experts on food science and nutrition and communication therapy there too. Discover the structure of DNA through the ancient Chinese art form of origami or get hands on and try using real lab equipment in a simulated DNA extraction experiment.


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