Augment your Reality


Time: September 29, 2017 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: Pjazza Regina, Valletta
Event Type: Exhibition, Experiment

The Event

Age Suitability: All ages

Lose yourself in Augmented Reality with competitions, games and the chance to see artwork come to life before your very eyes.

Immerse yourself in the future with our Augmented Reality (AR) section under the arches before Pjazza Regina. As smart devices have become an essential part of everyday life, development of technology and AR has become highly accessible and its full potential remains to be explored. The sudden popularity of games such as Pokémon Go is just the tip of the iceberg, and researchers at the University of Malta are digging beneath the surface to push the boundaries of how we can use this technology. Join us as we discover and explore the potential of AR in technology, business and recreation, and test out the future today.

Science in the City will be welcoming a host of exciting new projects and exhibitions fresh from the Department of Media and Knowledge Services (MAKS). Despite the sudden increase in popularity of AR in many areas, the potential of using AR in creative works remains largely unexplored. Stop by this area to have the chance to experience first-hand what the team are working on to expand our knowledge of this at the AR Art stand. Look at everyday objects in ways you have never seen them before, and learn how the team use 3D mapping to make inanimate objects come to life before your eyes.

Having learned a bit more about the theory of AR and how the team put it practice, have a go at their interactive activity named “Squirrel Away”. This new game, developed with the Department of Cognitive Sciences and Institute of Digital Games, is used to study human perception and attention. Join in the fun with their specially adapted game exclusive to Science in the City, and challenge your family, friends and the rest of the festival to see whose foraging skills are the best. Highest scorer wins a prize, so be sure to drop by and have a go!

Interactive Technologies featured in the AR area, bring together a collaboration of many institutes and companies who each work on different aspects and uses of AR, from fostering creativity and empathising with foreign situations, to its practical uses in the workplace. The Department of Artificial Intelligence will showcase and demo three VR apps, which have been developed in collaboration with the Department of Digital Arts at the University of Malta. Use their new games and headsets to have the chance to explore the possibilities for yourself, including the chance to conduct a classical flute/strings quartet. Use of AR can also be used in education, as being immersed in the situation might really help you understand what a situation is like in someone else’s shoes. One of the apps explores issues of autism in the classroom, whilst the other leads users through the challenges faced by migrants arriving in Malta and adapting to everyday life. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to experience the best of these future technologies.

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