Future of Health in
the Information Age


Time: September 29, 2017 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: St John's Street, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Exhibition, Experiment, Featured, Film, Health Checks, Talk & Discussion

The Event

Age Suitability: All ages

(11A) – St. John’s Cathedral / St. John’s Street

(11B) Casino Maltese

(11C) In front of Casino Maltese / Old Theatre Street

This year’s expanded health area lures you in with a hologram setup, never before seen in Malta. It expands into St John’s Street and continues inside Casino Malti and along the outside up to and including Old Theatre Street, where various professional and student organisations as well as university researchers showcase their work.

Come and experience this year’s expanded health area, which is spread out over these three different venues.

Health Area A:

Your first look at the future of healthcare will be through a feat of engineering. At the corner of St John’s and Republic Street, HoloReality from MCAST are setting up a 3.6 x 3.6 x 2.3 m hologram that will bring the human body to life in 3D, without the assistance of spectacles or lenses. The students themselves and university researchers, who have contributed footage to this installation, will be at hand to answer questions about the technical side, as well as the health focus on the progress made combating some of the major diseases in the world today.

On the opposite corner, the National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support – Malta will be raising awareness for conditions that might otherwise get overlooked. A stand nearby organised by the University of Malta will give a better idea how the research into such diseases is conducted, with a focus on Rare Blood Disease and the Malta Human Genome Project. This will link work in the laboratory (how is DNA extracted?) to how it can be analysed afterwards (how do you browse the human genome?) using state of the art bioinformatics.

The Kamra tal-Ispizjara ta’ Malta (Malta Chamber of Pharmacists) will team up with MPSA (Malta Pharmaceutical Students’ Association) to share a vision of healthcare for the future where technology will play a larger role. This will include the presentation of point of care systems that benefit patients directly, such as genomic tests or a smartphone app on vaccination and digital pharmaceutical care. Further topics include the pharmacist’s role in targeting obesity in children, a full computerisation of the dispensing of medicines for better patient care, computer aided research in medicinal chemistry, the drugs of the future and much more!

Further contributions from the University of Malta will include a stand from the Department of Pharmacy, a look at research into kidney disease, the application of personalised medicine to breast cancer, as well as a display by TrainMALTA concentrating yet again on the technological side of biological research and how genome sequencing data can be analysed and used for clinical applications.

Health Area B:

Inside the Casino Malti, a focus on the practical side of healthcare will give you the opportunity to see and test out specialist equipment that you might never have heard of, or at least want to know more about!

The Malta Association of Audiologists has been set up recently and will be participating in Science in the City for the first time. Some basic experiments to demonstrate how sound travels will be next to a hearing screen and other equipment, while a hearing loss simulator and an implant simulation provide an immersive insight into this field.

Next up, The Heart Foundation will demonstrate the use of defibrillators and explain the latest research into heart disease, while their partners from Flora ProActiv will give out free product samples and explain the science behind how they can lower cholesterol.

These organisations will once again be joined by researchers from the University of Malta who are presenting tools used in the field of podiatry. Expect foot pressure mapping, a thermal camera, and more – you will definitely get to know more about your body after stopping by this area!

Health Area C:

In front of the Casino Maltese in Old Theatre Street, MMSA (Malta Medical Students’ Association) will showcase different health checks, an interactive first aid station, the latest developments in several research areas, and more. They will even provide an info stand so you don’t get lost in all the excitement! There will also be a plastinated heart on display, with a section for kids where they try to place organs in the correct positions in the body. Finally, an imaging area will have slides showing X-Rays and the microscopic aspects of different cancers, visually informing the public what goes on in our bodies. A quiz will be set up with questions at each stand in order to engage the public in the various subjects and this will be linked to a competition.

Next up, MHSA (Malta Health Student’s Association) will work together with volunteers from the Faculty of Health Sciences in order to promote healthier living. The students will be offering health checks to the attending public which include blood pressure, blood glucose, body mass index, waist circumference, and colour blindness tests. You will also get the chance to assist students carrying out practical experiments in which DNA is extracted and incorporated into different procedures. Together with these health checks and experiments, information regarding new research and findings on diseases relevant to the Maltese population will be given.

The Mobile Dental Clinic (Faculty of Dental Surgery + RIDT) will be on site (forming part of STEAM Squared) as part of its national survey on oral health while providing advice and dental care. Alongside the clinic, MADS (Malta Association of Dental Students) will be bringing activities, experiments, games and advice on taking care of your oral health. There will also be a kids’ section with tooth fairies handing out balloons, playing various games, colouring and so on. An area full of science and games to take away your fear of the dentist!

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