Environmental Area


Time: September 28, 2018 6:00PM - 12:00AM
Location: Great Siege Square, Valletta
Event Type: All night, Exhibition, Experiment

The Event

Age Suitability: All Ages

Nature related NGOs will be painting the night green in Great Siege Square! Join them and explore how you can contribute to a better planet with many hands on experiments from purer water at home to bees.

ACT- Malta will be showing off everything water related with an experiments on soil retention and water purification, as well as an aquaponics system which you too, can have at home! How could a home aquarium contribute to plant growth? What could we do to stop soil from running off after a thunderstorm? These questions and much more can be answered at this stand!

 The Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) will be talking about sea litter around the islands. They will be using interactive activities around the effects of plastic litter in our oceans and how we can reduce the problem by making the right choices when buying, using, or disposing of plastic.

 Birdlife will show how new tech help us gain higher quality information about bird migration! Using examples from BirdLife Malta studies and others across the world, they’ll be highlighting the exciting discoveries made about bird migration thanks to the latest tech. They use camera traps and drones to learn about where birds come from and stay over in winter.

 All the buzz is on bees this year with Friends of the Earth! Start out with a scavenger hunt around Valletta to spot the bees. Try out their latest bee-count app and go on a tour around Valletta to spot the pictures of bees they’ve cheekily placed all around the city. Whilst you’re at it, visit their stand to build your own bee hotel with recycled materials or paint your own bee!

Gaia foundation will be rocking your night with some geology. Can you guess what type of rock you’re holding? Test your knowledge of the earth beneath us and discover what could be going on underneath your feet. Learn about everything from microplastics to water tables and rock erosion, create your own mini beach in a basin, the fun never ends!

 Meet the Nature Trust – FEE Malta rescue team to chat about the wildlife on the Maltese Islands. Take part in their Wildlife Quiz and have a look at some of the material found when volunteers rescued animals. On the stand, you can also calculate your ecological footprint—ever wondered how many planets are needed if everyone in the world were to live like you do?

Human waste can be found everywhere from beaches to cities and even outer space. Zibel will be tackling the theme of waste in space as well as that on earth. A theme with a twist, this is your opportunity to figure out what is space waste and the remnants we have already left behind when visiting other planets. You can also blast into space with your own rocket jetpack, made out of recycled plastic of course!

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