Time: September 28, 2018 8:00PM-11:00PM
Location: Parliament Stairs, Valletta
Event Type: Film

The Event

Age Suitability: 13-17, 18+

Join us for a special edition of CineXjenza, engaging people with science through TV and film. This year we have ‘BEN’. This short film is created entirely from scratch by a group of film and theatre students and young creatives (Alex Weenink, Brendon Thearle, Gianluca Mifsud, Raquel Theuma, Matthew Cassar and a cast 15+ youths) exploring using film as a medium to tell their own original stories.

‘BEN’ tells the story of Ben, a 16 year old aspiring writer, as he takes the audience on a journey through a day in his life. Ben seems to be happy with the way people treat him, however, it soon becomes clear that the way he sees his relationships, is not what the viewers can see…and he is about to learn an important lesson about that. ‘BEN’ is a story about family, about friendship and about how ‘differences’ are not limitations, they’re superpowers.

Our second film will be Pierre Ellul’s environmental film entitled ‘This Is Our Home’. Ellul’s message on climate change is clear, “our home is being wrecked by insatiable greed. It is not ours to destroy. It is time to act to save our home.”

Join the discussion after the film led by sociologist Dr Michael Briguglio talking about the effect of lack of trees on our society, and architect Rebecca Dalli Gonzi discussing innovative ways of implementing sustainable development. Ways which are sensitive to both the need for development and sustaining a healthy environment. Ms Dalli Gonzi’s ideas are to regenerate and rehabilitate areas, to create new ways of developing which include green solutions. Share your own views and listen to insight from a range of perspectives as we explore the future of the environment together.

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