STEAM Street

All Ages

6pm till midnight, 30 Sep

All along Republic Street

Republic Street is inundated with student buskers: students from commerce, psychology, medicine, ICT, engineering and health science will be manning over 20 stands. From brain scans to experiments, health checks and a pico-satellite.

S-Cubed (Science Students’ Society) bring the wonders of science to the festival. Ranging from spectacular chemical reactions to playing games with numbers and probabilities, there will be fun, interactive experiments for all!

Have you ever thought of merging art and accountancy? Me neither, but come check out the ASCS (Association of Students of Commercial Studies) stand and be awed. Get hands-on experience when it comes to investment and immerse yourself in some surprising interactive games. Laugh your way through this educational experience on commerce and investment. 

Engineering students from UESA (University Engineering Student Association) bring innovative projects ranging from Malta’s first space mission to a high performance imaging camera. The space mission involves a miniature 5x5x5 cm, 250 gram device (a PocketQube pico-satellite) that will study the Earth’s upper atmosphere, the ionosphere. The MEMENTO (Multi camEra high fraMe ratE syNchronisaTiOn) is a high performance imaging camera that can synchronise with multiple cameras, all snapping away at thousands, or even millions of frames per second. The Department of Electronic Systems Engineering’s first commercialisation of home-grown technology—exciting times.

Based on the festival’s theme, the IEEE Student Branch will be using activities that train the creative spark to solve problems. Problem solving not your thing? Discover the process of invention and try to determine how many nanometres there are in a strand of hair while discovering what engineers can do with the brain and how scientists are trying to understand the brain. Meanwhile we will also be sneaking a peek at how computers solve problems and how smart they can really be. Are computers really going to take over the world?

From the computing world, ICTSA (ICT Student Association) bring robots and other technology. Come and play a game with Sphero, or try on their Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. A stand not to be missed.

Student doctors, MMSA (The Malta Medical Students’ Association) will carry out a number of activities ranging from health checks to demonstrations. They will be giving free blood pressure and blood glucose tests with discussions on reproductive health and mental health issues. For young children they will again be preparing a ‘Teddy Bear Hospital’. Sticking to the brain theme local researchers will be chatting about their studies on mental health—an exciting series of stands.

Health students, MHSA (The Malta Health Students’ Association) will showcase many different experiments and activities. Blood glucose, blood pressure, body mass index can all be screened by the students, physios, and podiatrists. They’ll also do some fun sports for kids. Speech and occupational therapists will discuss brain injury and rehabilitation. Radiographers will show brain scans and explain different brain conditions. Biomedical science students will spool DNA—come do your own.

Trying something new, psychology students Betapsi, will conduct a brief experiment on visitors. Come and be part of this experiment. Apart from this, they will be talking about how the brain processes language, with some fun facts. They will show what happens when these processes go awry. A parents’ and children’s corner will help them develop their language skills—fun for all.

Another first this year, DTEAM (Design & Technology Educators Association Malta) will show how your brain and mobile both use the same energy. Without electricity your device and brain would not work. Come play on their stand to learn how these electronics work. Use conductive dough to build basic circuits or program the “brain” of a simple electronic system. A 3D-printer will print out a human brain on the night!

These volunteers are the heart of Science in the City.

Science Man