Science Stage: Money, Forces, Explosions

Age: All Ages
Starts at: 
6.30pm — Till no cash does us part
7pm — Explosive Laughter
8pm — Till no cash does us part
8.15pm — Playing with Forces
10pm — Till no cash does us part
Venue: Outside the law courts

The main stage is back with the best science shows we’ve ever had with a touch of comedy in commerce. Prepare yourself for laughter with a bang!

Till no cash does us part (6.30pm, 8pm & 10pm)
ASCS have prepared a comedy like no other. The stakes are high as two polar-opposite investors try to find out what their fate is after a company they invested in features in the news. A heated debate ensues as these investors try to make sense of their investment decisions. This play takes various comical and interactive turns until culminating by uncovering whether Profit or Cash holds the answer to these investors’ questions.

Explosive Laughter (7pm)
Join S-Cubed’s explosives team to see demonstrations from fire to fireworks. With colourful displays, see and learn about explosive science. These experiments shall surely be an amazing spectacle for all ages!

Playing with Forces (8:15pm)
Our world is a wondrous place, filled with mysteries that defy our perception of reality. Science can help us understand our surroundings without complicated experiments. University of Malta researchers, William Hicklin, Anita Farrugia and James Ciarlo`, will perform entertaining and educational science experiments. Join them as they demonstrate the forces that affect the world around us and the colourful sights that they can generate.

Prepared by ASCS, S-Cubed, and the Faculty of Science (Uni of Malta). The shows come with a disclaimer. These experiments can be dangerous. While the audience will not be in any danger, caution is advised. Warning! You may be invited to help out in death-defying experiments. See you all there!


Science Man