Science Fair + Meet the Researcher

Age:  All Ages
Starts: 6pm till midnight, 30 Sep
Venue: City Gate to Ordinance Street
City Gate will be bursting with spectacular science

Enter Valletta’s majestic gateway and find it transformed by science. On your left and right you will see rowing machines and racing cars on Renzo Piano’s steps. For the first time, the University of Malta Rowing Club are bringing their training machines into Valletta. Team members will be at their stand to chat about the biomechanics of rowing spanning from Roman oarsmen to today’s popular tradition: the regatta.

Muscles used while rowing

Muscles used while rowing

Another University team are back bringing three Formula-style race cars to the city. The University of Malta Racing team from over five different faculties are again competing in the Formula SAE series around the world. They fund, design, manufacture and race their custom built race car. Come speak to them at the festival, hear them rev the car and if you’re lucky they might let you go for a spin.

UOM Race car

UOM Race car

Our Health and Rare Disease area brings together researchers, NGOs and government organisations. Come and try out some experiments with our researchers. See how classical and innovative methods can be used to make medicine. 3D printing is now being used to prepare medicine according to an individual’s needs—vital for medicines for children and those with rare diseases. The NGO, National Alliance for Rare Diseases Support Malta, will come to the festival to chat about rare disease. The Alliance seeks to provide a network for all rare disease patients and their families, to help them improve their quality of life.  The Alliance strives to strengthen already existing community services and rare diseases groups, by taking a central role in helping these entities take their cause to a higher level. The area will also have some healthy food samples with great advice for a healthy life by the Ministry of Health. At the DNA for life stand, we will show you how genetics is being used to battle a host of diseases. You’ll be able to extract DNA and see how it is separated and studied. Researchers and students will be in the area for a chat in the hands-on station and for career advice. To support these studies a Malta BioBank has been setup to store samples for research around Europe.

Students from XjenzaMania (STEAM summer school for youths, Cottonera Resource Centre – University of Malta) will be demonstrating how to build robots and using programming to make them move using WeDo 2.

The mobile dental clinic (Faculty of Dental Surgery + RIDT) will be on site as part of its national survey on oral health while providing advice and dental care. Alongside the clinic, MADS (Malta Association of Dental Students) will be bringing activities, experiments, games and advice on taking care of your oral health. There will also be a kids’ section with tooth fairies handing out balloons, playing various games, colouring and so on. In other words, an area everyone can enjoy.  A healthy mouth reflects a healthy body? Join the Malta Association of Dental Students and it’s members at Science in the City 2016 to get the facts about the link between oral health and general health. Dentists, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienist and Dental Technologists will be at hand to help and highlight the importance of oral health with the latest information backed up by science through activities, experiments, games and oral care advice. Various sections targeted for all age groups will ensure that everyone can enjoy the area.

Coca-Cola’s barcode authentication technology event sees GSD Marketing Ltd collaborate with start-up company Cloudlabs Ltd. The barcode authentication technology built by Cloudlabs Ltd., was installed in five self-service vending machines owned by GSD Marketing Ltd. The technology accepts and scans a barcode, followed by authentication of this same barcode using a micro-controller. The system compares the barcode to a saved list of barcodes in a remote database. When a new barcode is identified the vending machine dispenses a beverage bottle for free. The barcodes can be accessed by registering on GSD Marketing Ltd. product microsite, which is accessible through a Free Wi-Fi router placed inside the vending machines. The Free Wi-Fi was also offered to the general public in the area around the vending machines.

Join the Institute of Space Sciences & Astronomy (ISSA) to learn more about one of the ubiquitous forces that governs our everyday life, gravity. ISSA shall be setting up an interactive stand and exhibition to demonstrate the principles behind Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. This does not end here, as they will also explain how this theory has been tested in the last century, including through intriguing phenomena such light bending, gravitational lensing and gravitational redshift.

Back by popular demand, MCAST’s IAS (Institute of Applied Sciences) scientists and IASSO students will present engaging and entertaining experiments. Various demonstrations of key student research projects in the areas of science and technology, all related to ‘science and the brain’.There will also be science shows that will include live experiments with ongoing explanations and entertainment for all ages. The public can also view students’ creative arts projects that link science and technology with the creative world of arts.  Filled with laughter, fun and audience involvement, this area guarantees to entertain the whole family.

WasteServ will be bringing the science behind recycling. Modern technology has unlocked our ability to take most products we make and deconstruct them into their raw materials to be used again. Feeding into the concept of the circular economy. Come to their stand to . Tied in to this year’s theme WasteServ have printed a giant brain and turned it into a game. Come and find out more.

As part of this year’s theme, an Interactive Brain Area see Malta’s neurologists and neuroscientists, and biomedical engineers come to Valletta. Activities, experiments and the latest research will be on display. A range of devices will be at the stand. These include an eye gaze tracking application, a brain controlled robot and even an application that allows you to type with your eyes! Come and find out more about your mind and the latest technology.

The Department of Pharmacy, at the University of Malta, is showcasing research projects with a special focus on 3D printing as a novel way of manufacturing medicines. Activities for all ages have been organised with the participation of the Association for Student Pharmaceutical Technologists (ASPT) and the Malta Pharmaceutical Students Association (MPSA).

Plus a revamped Meet the Researcher area sees an area of Valletta covered with plush seats. A setting perfect to sit down, have a nibble of food (provided), and chat about the latest research from the University of Malta. Ask them about your health, global warming, technology, and your brain. Come along and find out what it really means to be scientist.
Apart from a host of partners mentioned above, this area is a collaboration between the University of Malta,Department of Systems and Control Engineering ,Mater Dei Hospital and the University of Malta’s Research Trust (RIDT). The mobile dental clinic is supported by GlaxoSmithKline (Malta) Ltd, The Good Causes Fund, Cherubino Ltd, Rahuma International Ltd., Suratek Equipment and Barthet Enterprises.

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