Research my NGO + MCST & NSTF

All Ages

6pm till midnight, 30 Sep

Between Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Parliament Building & Spazju Kreattiv

To celebrate, the Science in the City team has invited many NGOs to show the great work they are doing, which has turned the area into a must see. Come discover Malta’s insects, sea creatures, lichens, plants, sharks, with a dose of fairfood and even some science fiction. Science is truly everywhere.

The L-Arka Fairtrade Shop stall has prepared a great way to show how those dates, macademia nuts and goji berries end up in Malta and on your plate. How can they be ethically supplied? Come and answer their Fairtrade quiz to win some brain food!

A writing exhibition, a book swap and merchandise – this is what CWAM (the Creative Writers’ Alliance Malta) has to offer at this year’s SITC. As an organisation striving towards bettering working conditions for writers in Malta, CWAM is looking for professional and working writers to come share their experiences, new writers to join the ranks and supporters to aid our cause. Everyone’s voice is essential to bring about change.

The recently setup NGO Fingerprints are presenting the most unusual organism of the festival: lichens. Lichen It is a project that reveals the hidden life of lichens through science and art. They want people to move beyond the idea that art and nature are confined to exhibitions or rural areas. Science and art are part of nature. They have worked with artists and community groups to create artworks inspired by lichens. Visitors can journey through Valletta on a scavenger hunt. A decorated clay mug will be given to the first fifteen people who successfully finish the scavenger hunt.

Sharklab-Malta are back this year with samples of sharks, skates and rays. They will show the incredible bite dynamics of these animals. There will be a mechanical jaw and real jaws to show how they work, how sharks continuously replace their own teeth and more.

The Entomological Society of Malta are bringing some creepy crawlies to the festival. In their Through the Lens exhibition anyone can peer down a microscope and see the mysterious, alien world of insects. Society members will share their knowledge of dragonflies, butterflies, and other topics. They’ve even prepared a live beehive display and fun activities to help visitors see the world from bug’s perspective.

Nature Trust Malta are bringing plants and sea turtles to Valletta . They will bring seeds of local plant species which visitors can take only if they promise to give them a good home. They will also have a marine debris display focused on what is normally found in a sea turtle’s stomach. They will chat about turtle rehabilitation and other work by their Wildlife Rescue Team. No sea turtles were harmed in the making of this stand but over 40,000 are caught as fishing by-catch in the Mediterranean every year.

aditus will also be featuring an art exhibition in St John’s Street in front of Cafe Society. Walking through that street you will find a selection of hanging blood bags. They will be playing with two different concepts: Colourism, discrimination based on skin colour; and Haemophobia, a pathological fear of blood.

The area also features science buskers from MCST’s (Malta’s Council for Science and Technology) soon to be opened ESPLORA science interactive centre. They will bring shows and experiments for everyone to try out. Come have a sneak peak of ESPLORA.

NSTF Science will proudly be participating again in the festival. They bring the best projects from their Science Expo and Student Science Forum. There will be hands-on projects, exhibitions, experiments, research and discussions by students of all ages. Come play and have a chat.

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