Mind Games

All Ages

6 till 11.30pm, 30 Sep

Pjazza Regina

Linguists and cognitive scientists are out in force this year. In Pjazza Regina behind the cafes they will perform some exciting experiments and interactive games. The experiments and tasks they have on offer are:

The wug test — a game that shows the underlying grammatical system used in (spoken) language.

The Sally/Anne task — a game that shows how linguistic abilities improve with cognitive maturation (and the special way individuals with autism experience language).

The Stroop effect — a task that shows how different parts of the brain are dedicated to different cognitive capacities and what happens when contradictory information appeals to two distinct areas.

A visual arts installation shall show how vision can effect hearing, also known as the McGurk effect. Prepare to be amazed.

This project is a collaboration between two entities at the University of Malta, the Faculty of Media and Knowledge Sciences and the Institute of Linguistics.

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