Funk Initiative: Cartographers

8 till 10.45pm, 30 Sep
Pjazza Teatru Rjal

Funk Initiative are an alternative indie art rock band fusing sax, guitars, drums and more. After winning a host of awards, they launched their debut album Cartographers last year, a work inspired by the journeys we make across uncharted territory, particularly those as artists, heading into the unknown as we search for something fresh and interesting.

Their band is set to play at 8 and 10:45pm. Each show is set to last 45min.  

For Science in the City, they are recreating their work to show the journeys that scientists take. Inspired by the reflections of prominent neuroscientists, psychoanalysts and poets, the band will present an experimental expression of the album content, punctuated by writings that elucidate upon the most complex organ in the universe: the human brain.

After their first show, come meet Gianluca Bezzina, Paul Torpiano, Shaun Abdilla, Christopher Tate, Luke Grech, Fabian Bonello, Daniel Buttigieg at the Meet the Researcher (3a) area.

Science Man