CERN, ALICE & the Universe

All Ages
6pm — The CERN Control Center
7pm — How do you operate mankind’s largest scientific instrument?
8pm — The CERN Data Center
9pm — ALICE experiment
10pm — Malta meets ALICE
Venue: Casino Maltese

CERN is the largest machine in the world. It is simultaneously the hottest and coldest place on Earth. CERN has a number of detectors or experiments that help make sure its discoveries are some of the soundest discoveries on the planet. This event is a mix of live video stream, with scientists at CERN in Geneva and local scientists who will be at the Casino Maltese, looking forward to sharing their experience with the public and answer any questions you may have.

The University of Malta now has a very solid research partnership with the ALICE experiment at CERN, which tries to recreate the conditions which existed in the Universe right after the Big Bang, known as Quark Gluon Plasma, by colliding highly energetic particles together. In the live interactive video stream with CERN scientists, learn how the LHC accelerates and collides highly energetic particle beams, and how the physicists work around the clock in order to take measurements of the collisions. You’ll get a chance to ask any questions you have to the CERN scientists. Meet the local researchers at the 10pm Malta meets ALICE activity, come and find out what Maltese scientists have been up to!

Science Man