Apothecaries to Breakthrough Science

All Ages

6pm till midnight, 30 Sep

Next to Royal Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a highly science based healthcare profession in its variegated facets. This year’s theme, ‘The Brain’ has brought to mind (with apologies for the pun) the various aspects of this important and fascinating organ. The brain is an area that is targeted for drug research, focusing specifically on potentially new molecules for the development of treatment of, for example, Alzheimer’s Disease. Our concept for this year’s installations takes the visitor from hypothesis to drug and then to the application of the science based knowledge to health care aspects. The whole is also underscored by the latent possibility of abuse which has inspired us to also present the psychedelic effects of hallucinogens as a colourful art form. A model of the brain will be waiting for you at the stand.

Event organised by Kamra tal-Ispiżjara ta’ Malta and MPSA. Sponsored by Roche diagnostics and Pfizer.

Science Man